Friday, December 21, 2007

Useful Accurev Commands

$ accurev mkws -w workspacename -b streamname -l location to create ws
How to check stat
$accurev stat -n
How to purge a file $ accurev purge filename
How to Update workspace $ accurev update
How to add all external files in a subdirectory: Accurev add –x –r directory-name
How to promote all Kept files Accurev promote –c “comment” –k
How to change the phylical location of created Workspace. step1.
Move the existing files to new location then run the following command accurev chws -w ws-name -l new-location
How to creat a depot accurev mkdepot depot name. How to find all external files Accurev stat –x
How to add all the external files to accurev Accurev add –x How to promote all newly added files Accurev promote –k